VALVEcampus Association is the new educational agency, dedicated to the spreading of technical knowledge for Industrial Valves & Components Stakeholders 

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Mrs. Serena Falgheri - Executive Office & Event Planner: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mobile: + 39 392 1857041

Mr. Maurizio Brancaleoni - VALVEcampus President: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Mr. Francesco Apuzzo - VALVEcampus Treasurer’s Office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



VALVEcampus Carrara Global Sealing Solutions #Carraraspa #valvecampus
VALVEcampus Starline S.p.A. assembly and testing area #Starlinespa #ballvalve
VALVEcampus RT @ValveWorld: Travel safely all! #VW2016 starts Tuesday! We will be tweeting with updates, conf presentations & more! Stay tuned! Don't f…
VALVEcampus VALVEcampus & @IVSBergamo will be present at @ValveWorld Düsseldorf. Come and meet us at Booth 5 Stand C41 #expo #valves #madeinitaly
VALVEcampus LVF S.p.A. Italian quality worldwide! #LVFSpA #engineering
VALVEcampus Fugitive emission test in action! #fugitive #emission #carraraspa
VALVEcampus Welcome to our new Associate: Galassi&Ortolani!
VALVEcampus Chi si ricorda dove sono state scattate queste foto? #memories #IVS
VALVEcampus Marco Ghilardi highlights the key points of the continuous…
VALVEcampus LVF S.p.A: Your one-stop partner for valve solutions #LVFSpA
VALVEcampus Nuova Direttiva PED - Modulo B Ateco 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - Formazione ai sensidel D.lgs 81/08 e dell'Accordo 26/0…
VALVEcampus Our students are practising to pass the exam, at the end of the…
VALVEcampus Meeting people face to face is very important. Social media should…
VALVEcampus OMB: #passion for #valves #valvecampus simonebrevi sergiovena…
VALVEcampus Following engineering and manufacturing activities performed by LVF…
VALVEcampus Starline S.p.A. API 10.000 ball valves for ADCO Al Dabbyia…
VALVEcampus Roberto Brevi, OMB’s founder, tells how a passion for engineering…
VALVEcampus 22 novembre - corso sulla nuova direttiva PED #PED #Training #oilandgas #education #valvecampus
VALVEcampus "VALVEcampus @ San Petersburg International Gas Forum 2016 " by @ValveCampus on @LinkedIn
VALVEcampus "Corso LT (Leak Test) con doppia certificazione SNT-TC-1A e ISO 9712" by @ValveCampus on @LinkedIn
VALVEcampus Greetings from San Petersburg! #SPIGF
VALVEcampus RT @OMBValves: OMB will partecipate to the 6th St.Petersburg International Gas Forum Oct 4th to 7th. Join us in the IVS area and at @VALVEc
VALVEcampus We will be present at #SPIGF San Petersburg International Gas Forum. We wait for you there!
VALVEcampus 5 ottobre corso UT (#ULTRASUONI) in collaborazione con Bureau Veritas Per info
VALVEcampus RT @IVSBergamo: CALL FOR PAPERS IS NOW OPEN! The Advisory Board of INDUSTRIAL VALVE SUMMIT is now accepting abstracts for the 2017 c…https:…
VALVEcampus RT @IVSBergamo: Ivs2017CallForPapers
VALVEcampus Valvecampus is now on #Instragram! Follow us @valvecampus2015
VALVEcampus "CORSO MT (particelle magnetiche) in accordo a ISO 9712" by @ValveCampus on @LinkedIn
VALVEcampus "CORSO MT (particelle magnetiche) in accordo a SNT-TC-1A" by @ValveCampus on @LinkedIn
VALVEcampus RT @IVSBergamo: Ho aggiunto un video a una playlist di @YouTube: Industrial Valve Summit: interview to Pier Luigi D…
VALVEcampus Mr. Simone Brevi: check out the interview! #valvecampus #IVS2017
VALVEcampus RT @VALVEcampus: Corso di formazione Welding Coordinator con rilascio certificato CSWIP su licenza TWI by @ValveCam
VALVEcampus Corso #auditor interno per un sistema di #gestione #qualità in accordo con la norma UNI EN ISO 19011
VALVEcampus Corso di formazione Welding Coordinator con rilascio certificato CSWIP su licenza TWI by @ValveCampus on @LinkedIn
VALVEcampus Doc. Marco Ghilardi interviewed by INDUSTRIAL VALVE SUMMIT BERGAMO
VALVEcampus have a look at this interview to Doc. Carlo Mapelli
VALVEcampus RT @IVSBergamo: #Juno has just reached Jupiter; #Valves are still going accross the space ...NOT FOR LONG @IVSBergamo @VALVEcampus https:/…
VALVEcampus Corso di formazione del Welding Coordinator con rilascio certificato CSWIP by @ValveCampus on @LinkedIn
VALVEcampus Auditor interno per un sistema di gestione qualità in accordo con la norma UNI ISO19011 by @ValveCampus on @LinkedIn
VALVEcampus Leggi la rassegna della #conferenzastampa IVS Industrial Valve Summit Ivs Bergamo
VALVEcampus RT @IVSBergamo: @ASSAFRICA Dir. Gen. Pier Luigi D'Agata "Non c'é sviluppo umano senza sviluppo economico"
VALVEcampus RT @IVSBergamo: #nace #milano "corrosion is inevitable, like death and taxes" Prof. Trasatti
VALVEcampus RT @IVSBergamo: L'innovazione della scuola di formazione #valvecampus Simone Brevi
VALVEcampus RT @IVSBergamo: "Il proposito per il 2017 è raddoppiare i numeri in termini di spazio espositivo e di visitatori" Fabio Casiraghi https://t…
VALVEcampus RT @IVSBergamo: "Siamo l'eccellenza che vuole attirare il mondo verso il manufatturiero italiano"G.Venturini Dir.Generale Conf. BG https://…
VALVEcampus la nuova #norma #ISO9001 2015 Grazie @DasaRagister per questa collaborazione!
VALVEcampus 15 giugno 2016, ore 11:30: conferenza stampa di lancio IVS 2017. Noi ci saremo...e voi?
VALVEcampus "NACE ITALIA SECTION 2016" by @ValveCampus on @LinkedIn
VALVEcampus #NACE16 #IVS2017 #VALVEcampus thanks to the Organisers for the warm welcome!
VALVEcampus VALVEcampus & @IVSBergamo will be present at #NACE16 in #Genoa @NACEtweet See you there!
VALVEcampus 1 year from the next #IVS & #VALVEcampus edition. Are you ready? #IVS2017 @IVSBergamo
VALVEcampus RT @franco_canna: #Valvole, ecco i temi al centro del prossimo #IVS - Industrial Valve Summit (maggio 2017) @IVSBergamo @VALVEcampus https:…
VALVEcampus "There are a few person like you technical & sociable then the world should be proud of.I hope I can meet you again"
VALVEcampus #Cooperation between #Iran & #Italy can lead to materialization of a unified #standardization procedure in the world
VALVEcampus Mr. Maurizio Brancaleoni @Maurizio_Branca signing the MoU with SIPIEM! Thanks for cooperating in partnership with us
VALVEcampus @VALVEcampus will be present at Iran Oil Show. Meet our great President Mr. Maurizio Brancaleoni @Maurizio_Branca
VALVEcampus VALVEcampus learning tips...part 4: via @YouTube
VALVEcampus "Thank you to our lecturers: Mr. Carlo Mapelli and Mrs. Giovanna Gabetta!" by @ValveCampus on @LinkedIn
VALVEcampus IVS 2017 #Scientific #Commettee Chris Warnett interview, check it out
VALVEcampus Welcome to our new Associate Calobri srl!
VALVEcampus Ing. Gabetta #training course # valvecampus #HIC #SSC
VALVEcampus VALVEcampus learning tips...part 3: via @YouTube
VALVEcampus VALVEcampus learning tips....part 2: via @YouTube
VALVEcampus Morning everyone! Here you can find more learning tips from @VALVEcampus 26th May 2016
VALVEcampus CONFERMIAMO! il 4.4.2016 si terrà il corso #tensocorrosione Carlo Mapelli (Politecnico MI) & Giovanna Gabetta (ENI)
VALVEcampus What happened on 25th May 2015 during VALVEcampus? Have a look...
VALVEcampus Sbrigati!Ultimi giorni per iscriversi al corso sulla TENSOCORROSIONE, leggi la locandina qui
VALVEcampus #assomineraria & #sipiem a Teheran per approfondire e pianificare nuove collaborazioni
VALVEcampus Felicissimi di accogliere AIRTORQUE nella famiglia VALVEcampus! Siamo impazienti di creare qualcosa di unico insieme
VALVEcampus " VALVEcampus is the first occasion for Valve Manufacturers to work side by side for long term benefits" S.Brevi
VALVEcampus RT @IVSBergamo: 2400sq.m. - about 80 Exhibitors already confirmed for #ivs2017 for any information
VALVEcampus #MISE Comunicato sul commercio di beni e servizi in #Iran. Leggilo sulla nostra home page
VALVEcampus 25th May 2015:@Maurizio_Branca explained why @VALVEcampus is a unique opportunity!
VALVEcampus RT @OMBValves: OMB Valves inc Stafford plant expansion to 100,000 ft completed.
VALVEcampus RT @DNVGL_Oilgas: #oil and #gas companies that are managing the downturn well must still concentrate on reducing costs in 2016 https://t.c…
VALVEcampus #SACE interessante vademecum per le aziende che hanno intenzione di fare business in #Iran
VALVEcampus "The entire world is safer because the threat of a nuclear weapon has been reduced" by @ValveCampus
VALVEcampus RT @SACEgroup: #CRU #Iran: raggiunto #ImplementationDay, si avvia ritorno sui mercati con rimozione #sanzioni internazionali.
VALVEcampus Import,purchase,swap and transport of crude oil&petroleum products,gas&petrochemical products from Iran is allowed as of #ImplementationDay
VALVEcampus A machine that turns #humanwaste into #water and #electricity Is it possible? #BillGates
VALVEcampus "Iran: an oil opportunity or slippery investment?" on @LinkedIn
VALVEcampus Orgogliosi della prima edizione, fervono i preparativi per la seconda! Vi aspettiamo il 24-25 maggio 2017 @IVS2015
VALVEcampus Grazie di cuore ai Soci Fondatori per il quotidiano impegno verso @VALVEcampus @OMBValves Starline LVF BFE @OrionValves @CarraraSpa
VALVEcampus RT @MariaAfsharian: Oil Prices: What Saudi-Iranian Tensions Mean For 2016 #iran #gas #petroleum #SaudiArabia
VALVEcampus VALVEcampus accoglie anche le #piccole #aziende con meno di 15 dipendenti! Per info su come #associarsi scrivere a
VALVEcampus "#Oil and #gas companies are moving aggressively to #automate #oilfields" See more at:
VALVEcampus "Assuming oil prices stay low, we can expect more corporate consolidation and more deals".
VALVEcampus We will be closed from the 24th of December till the 06th of January. Merry @Christmas and happy @holidays!
VALVEcampus Our Congratulations to AUMA Italiana S.r.l ! We are proud to have such a professional Company in our association!
VALVEcampus VALVEcampus project
VALVEcampus Cosa stai aspettando? Unisciti a noi! What are you waiting for? Join us!
VALVEcampus RT @OMBValves: First valves assembled, tested and shipped at OMK, OMB valves plant in Gimpo-shi, Korea
VALVEcampus Spreading my wings. I just completed #TwitterFlightSchool! Enroll today:
VALVEcampus Our new Associates Bonomi Group & ATV spa Welcome on board!
VALVEcampus "Standard API641 “Type testing of Quarter-turn Valves for Fugitive Emissions”" by @ValveCampus
VALVEcampus Dual Use & Trade Compliance workshop_extract
VALVEcampus Anche il secondo docente è arrivato...direttamente da Londra!
VALVEcampus Avv. Martina Dubois #dualuse Workshop in corso!!
VALVEcampus Grandi scambi di idee ci saranno in questo workshop perché grandi sono i partecipanti! #VALVEcampus #dualuse
VALVEcampus We are proud to present our second keynote speaker at #VALVEcampus #DUALUSE : Martina Dubois (KPMG INTERNATIONAL)
VALVEcampus We are proud to present our first keynote speaker at #VALVEcampus #DUALUSE : Mr. E.Cortesi
VALVEcampus “Sustainability and profitability are now part of the same whole. You can’t have one without the other”
VALVEcampus NEW ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT FOR Auma actuators…/AU…/italy/novita/1,111004,179831.html
VALVEcampus Spotlight on oil and gas megaprojects
VALVEcampus OMB Valves one of VALVEcampus Members, during a lunch and learn event
VALVEcampus Bonomi: new compact quarter-turn actuators
VALVEcampus A small part of our big team: Sergio and Imanol! #fatherandson
VALVEcampus Our Associate Ire-Omba S.p.A. will be present at @SPE_OE (Aberdeen, UK), booth 1H01. They wait for you!
VALVEcampus Visit our Associate #Technevalves exhibition at the LakeComoEssence booth @Expo2015Milano
VALVEcampus VALVEcampus 1st Edition Partners: thank you again for Your support!
VALVEcampus @VALVEcampus @IVS2015 You've been quoted in my #Storify story "VALVEcampus"
VALVEcampus We will take a break till the 26th of August, have a nice #vacation! #explore
VALVEcampus Export Compliance to Iran: would you like to get more into this argument?
VALVEcampus Did you enjoy the golf tournament @ALBENZAGOLFCLUB? @VALVEcampus @IVS2015 VALVEcampus & IVS social events 29/05/2015
VALVEcampus We are working for you: new events coming up on October 2015, stay tuned!
VALVEcampus Francesco Apuzzo Technical Manager CARRARA SPA
VALVEcampus Marco Ghilardi - CEO STARLINE SPA - interview
VALVEcampus Simone Brevi - Managing Director OMB VALVES SPA - interview
VALVEcampus Maurizio Brancaleoni - VALVEcampus President - interview
VALVEcampus Watch the new VALVEcampus spot video @
VALVEcampus Check out the latest news, insights, and opportunities from VALVEcampus Association.
VALVEcampus "VALVEcampus Association LinkedIn profile: follow us!" by @ValveCampus on @LinkedIn
VALVEcampus IRE OMBA field visit
VALVEcampus Some shots from our classes! See you soon!
VALVEcampus A big THANK U to our students and lecturers! This first edition was a success! See you soon!
VALVEcampus Starline field visit
VALVEcampus See you tomorrow VALVEcampus people!!!
VALVEcampus RT @IVS2015: "@ValveCampus was created to give a unique opportunity for Technical education, something never done before" S.Brevi @OMBValves
VALVEcampus "Ogni valvola è un oggetto d'arte" "Every valve is an art object" Maurizio Brancaleoni IVS scientific committee
VALVEcampus RT @IVS2015: "The Exhibition will show the added value of the Italian industry in the #machinery Sector" G.Venturini @ConfindustriaBG Direc…
VALVEcampus RT @IVS2015: "@IVS2015 will Be a Great opportunity to show the Italian eccellence" I.Rodeschini, President of Promoberg
VALVEcampus RT @IVS2015: #Milano Press Conference, @Assolombarda, May 19th, at 11,30: -Market data about #valve #supplychain -#Event presentation -@…
VALVEcampus How to reach the course location:
VALVEcampus Our official website is now updated": check it out and discover all the new lecturers and classes!!
VALVEcampus Our classes are almost sold out: hurry up, register now on !
VALVEcampus Day 1 - Level 2 LOCLAIN/FLUICON Mr. Claudio Gattavari will give a lecture on “Control Valves - focus on design and selection”
VALVEcampus Day 2-Level 1 ARAMCO Mr. Mousa Al-Harbi will give a lecture on “Valve materials introduction”
VALVEcampus Day 2-Level 1 Barrie Kirkman will give a lecture on “Forgings, castings: end users requirement and qualification process”
VALVEcampus Day 3 – Level 2 SAINT GOBAIN Mr. Herman Dubois will give a lecture on “Lips seal technology”
VALVEcampus @gajjarkush Dear Kush Gajjar, give me your e-mail address and I will provide you more information about VALVEcampus!
VALVEcampus We are officially online, check it out!
VALVEcampus Day 3-Level2 AMTEC Mr. Manfred Shaaf will give a lecture on “Fugitive Emission Test: a comparison between the main standards”
VALVEcampus Day2–Level1 OME Mr.A.Dell'Oro + Mr.M.Rosso & Mr.F.Gobber (Politecnico Torino), will give a lecture on Bolting:Experiences,Materials&Coatings
VALVEcampus Day 2 – Level 2 HELINOR NORWAY – Mr. Elling Helvig will give a lecture on Upstream and NORSOK standards.
VALVEcampus Day1-Level2 FLUICON & OMB - Mr. A.Gnecchi & Mr. "Valves in severe service applications"
VALVEcampus Day 1 (25th May) - Level II STARLINE Mr. Marco Ghilardi will give a lecture on New AP16A requirements
VALVEcampus Day 1 (25th May) - Level 1 BFE Mr. Ivan Arata will lecture on Valves design standards
VALVEcampus RT @IVS2015: @IVS2015 will take place in Bergamo on the 27th-28th of May Now you can buy your ticket online and join…
VALVEcampus Bergamo University Engineering dept., will be on of the main Sponsor of VALVEcampus!We are proud of this Partnership!
VALVEcampus If you wish to receive more info about the courses and how to associate, please fill in the form on the website
VALVEcampus @OvationUsers Thank you ;-)
VALVEcampus ValveCampus is now on @LinkedIn , , follow us!!
VALVEcampus The official website is finally ready! Visit and contact us for information!
VALVEcampus Day 3 Roland Mittelhammer, Product Mgr Adv Solution, SLG Group, lecture: Technical guidelines for gaskets selection-Focus Expanded Graphite
VALVEcampus Training is the key of success for any organization! Join us from the 25th till the 28th of May! #valvecampus
VALVEcampus Our experts are ready...and you? What are you waiting for? Join us from the 25th till the 28th of May!
VALVEcampus ValveCampus now on Twitter !